What if I change my mind and no longer want the policy? +

You have the right to cancel your policy within 14 days of inception or renewal, providing no claims or losses have been reported, and your premium will be refunded.

Can I cancel my policy mid-term? +

Yes, you can cancel the policy mid-term for a refund. However charges may apply.

Is the excess the same for all musical equipment? +

Computer equipment, such as laptops and computers, have an excess of £25

What is the excess on the policy? +

Our excesses vary depending on which policy you require and the kind of equipment cover. We can offer no excess on our Classic Play and Folk Play policy, our Melody Master, Rhythm Master and Power Play policies start from

Do my items really need to be itemised? +

Yes, our policies all require a fully itemised list of equipment.

Do I need my items professionally valued? +

We only need to see a professional valuation of your item if the value exceeds £5000

How do I value my items? +

Our policy is a

How long does the policy last? +

Our policy last for 12 months as standard, we may be able to offer short term cover depending on circumstances.

Is my item covered if I loan it to a friend? +

Yes, it is the item that is covered but not the person. However, if your friend refuses to return it you cannot claim because you handed the item over to them.

Is my instrument covered if it stops working? +

If the instrument no longer works due to damage caused by an accident it will be covered. However if it is no longer working down to electrical or mechanical faults it is not covered.

Are my items covered for accidental damage? +

Yes, if an item is damaged accidentally by yourself, another person or outside force it is fully covered.

Are my items covered for accidental losses? +

Yes, although we do not cover unexplained losses.

Are my items covered for theft? +

Yes, we offer full cover for items that are stolen.

Do I need receipts for my items? +

We do not need to see receipts for cover to commence but in the event of a claim the underwriters may need to have sight of proof of ownership (such as a valuation or dated photograph).

Can I restrict cover to my home address or studio? +

Yes, your item can be covered at any specified address.

Can the items be covered whilst in transit? +

We cover items while in transit as long as the items are properly packed in the appropriate case.

Can my items be covered in my car or van? +

We can offer cover for items left in vehicles both overnight and also restricted to journeying directly to and from a musical engagement. Vehicle security may be required on some of our policies.

Can my items be covered if I take them out of the country? +

We can tailor your cover to your geographical needs, we can offer cover for the UK, Europe or full World Wide.

Can I cover perishable items, such as strings or skins? +

Perishable items, such as strings and skins, can be covered but only for theft and loss, any damage is down to wear and tear and not covered.

Can I cover my mobile phone? +

Mobile phones cannot be covered on our policy.

Can I cover my Laptop or computer? +

We can cover your laptop or computer only when it is used it the creation or recording of music.

Can I get cover for my home studio equipment? +

Yes, all your equipment involved in the creation and recording of music can be covered.

Can I cover my PA System and other accessories? +

We deem a PA system to be an essential item for the creation of music and can be insured on our policies. Accessories, such as cables, pedals, mouthpieces and cases, can also be covered.

Can all kinds of instruments be covered? +

Yes, as long as it is used in the creation of music we can offer cover on our policy.

Can I take cover even though I get paid to perform using the instruments? +

Our policies are suitable for amateurs, semi-professional and professional musicians.

Can I live elsewhere to have a policy or do I have to live in the UK? +

Our policies are only available to UK residents.

Can our band take out a policy? +

You can take out the policy in the name of a band but we would still need a point of contact listed.

How old do I have to be to take out a policy? +

You need to be aged 18 years or over.