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Musical instrument care is paramount, correct cleaning and attention can make all the difference.

If you fail to look after your instruments properly it may cause damage the life of your instrument to end prematurely.  The better the condition, the better the instrument will sound and play.  Not forgetting a little bit of attention could save you money in replacement and repair bills.  If you do not have the time it is worth getting the equipment serviced by a professional.


Using a little bit of common sense is essential in musical instrument care.

Do not eat food just before you play your instrument. It is all too easy for crumbs to fall onto or into your instrument.  Wash and dry your hands before playing. If you play a wind or brass instrument, you will want to clean your mouth and lips too.

Avoid exposing the items to extreme heat or cold as this can cause the glue to degrade as well as warp the wood or metal.  If your instrument is electronic then water and steamy environments should be avoided.

Always store your instrument in an appropriate place, leaving the item in a busy room could cause it to become knocked over and damaged.

Just following these simple rules will make your violin, guitar or keyboard last longer and be a pleasure to play.