Liability Cover

Features and Benefits

The territorial limits are UK and Europe.

The policy provides indemnity in respect of the insured’s legal liability to third parties for accidental bodily injury and/or accidental damage or loss to third party property arising in connection with their activities as Entertainers/Musicians.

The limit of indemnity for any one claim is £5,000,000.

Significant exclusions & Limitations
-The third party property damage excess is £250.00 (there is no excess for personal injury claims).

-The policy excludes member to member cover.
“We offer Public and employer’s liability”
“PL protects against claims for loss, injury or damage where the and is proven to be negligent”

  • Eg injury caused by a member of the public falling over a speaker wire
  • Damage to a property
  • Injury between members of the band

“Excludes contractual liabilities of the band (i.e. the band not turning up for a gig)

We can also extend our policies to include Employers Liability.

EL can also be included at £10,000,000

Employers Liability is needed by law if any member of the band is paid for their attendance

By law, all employees must be protected by EL