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Musicians Insurance

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Values of your instruments

It is important to always insure your musical instruments for the correct value.  Under insuring your instruments could lead to a lower payout than you are expecting or having the claim thrown out all together.

  • Values of items fluctuate over time, some items will see their value rise while other items will see their market value drop. It is worth checking the value of your items on a regular basis.
  • Visit your local music shop and ask for a valuation, some shops will do this for free while others will charge a small fee. For expensive items we would need sight of a valuation that is no older than 3 years.
  • Or check the market price of your instrument. Remember that your instrument may no longer be being produced, in this case you should find out which model is the nearest modern equivalent.
  • Update your insurance policy regularly, this will ensure that your instruments will be fully insured for their true value in the event of a claim.
  • Look after your instruments, this will keep the value consistent.

Why insure your instruments?

A lot of musicians do not insurance their equipment, some believe they are careful and vigilant enough that their beloved equipment will not get damaged or stolen.  All it takes is one lapse in concentration and it could lead to a very expensive mistake.

If you have no instruments because they are stolen or damaged beyond use then you will have to beg, borrow or steal in order to play that lucrative gig you have been offered.