Do you know the value of your instruments?

posted 10/04/17

Your instruments may have just been bought from the shop or you may have being strumming and blowing them for many years, but do you actually know the value of your instruments?  

It is important to insure your musical instruments for the correct value.  

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Caring for your instruments on the road.

posted 16/01/17

Instrument Care while travelling can make sure your instruments come back in the same condition.


Sometimes you need to transport your musical equipment.  Whether you are hitting the road on tour or taking your guitar to a friend’s garage to jam these following tips will help you keep them safe.

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A guide to musical instrument care.

posted 05/01/17

Musical instrument care is paramount, correct cleaning and attention can make all the difference.

If you fail to look after your instruments properly it may cause damage the life of your instrument to end prematurely. 

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Instrument insurance

posted 03/10/16

Values of your instruments

It is important to always insure your musical instruments for the correct value.  Under insuring your instruments could lead to a lower payout than you are expecting or having the claim thrown out all together.

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Instrument Care

posted 03/10/16

Protecting your musical instruments

  • Keep them in cases at all times they are not in use.
  • Use good quality hard cases and make sure they are appropriate to your instrument.
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