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Please note: We can only provide cover for UK residents.

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Musicians Insurance Services

Let us guide you through the insurance jungle making sure your precious instruments and equipment are properly protected at the most reasonable cost.

Remember when you`re dealing through a broker such as Musicians Insurance Services you do not pay any extra and the professional advice and service comes free.

Our policies cover everything from DJ, disco and electronic equipment through all brass and woodwind instruments, Folk and percussion and even cover for Choral groups including Barbershop and specialist Choirs, and of course insurance cover for the entire range of stringed instruments.

Why buy a Specialist Musical Instrument Policy?

Typical Home Insurance Our Specialist Instrument Policy
Is Expensive? Usually MUCH cheaper
Exclude playing for profit? No such restrictions
Excludes theft from a vehicle? Is normally covered
Insurer dictates Repairer or Replacement? Your instrument - your choice
High excess (£250+)? The excess is never more than £25
Claims and Enquiries handled by non specialist... UK located, with specialist and sympathetic knowledge
Limited to the UK Europe included - worldwide an option